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Hubert & Alka?Who are

Our first trip abroad kickstarted everything. It was there we became captivated by the surroundings and our daily interactions with the people within. Those hearty, colorful, imperfect yet perfect people we crossed paths with. We felt this feeling of awe for the first time. And that’s when we realized that this is what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives: focus on capturing these moments so that we’d never forget the feeling we had while living them. HK Photography was born.

Wanderlust is a huge part of our relationship even to this day. Our different backgrounds have played a tremendous part of this. Alka hails from a close knit Indian family while Hubert's upbringing is rooted in Eastern European culture. We joke that our parents gave us the wanderlust bite on our first trip over from our respective countries. And yet, it’s shaped us entirely as to who we are today. Come to our home and you’ll see the mish-mash of both cultures starting from food right over to faith. Home life revolves around our eight-year old lovebug, Sofia. She's another driving force behind everything we strive for. Between teaching her to reach for the stars, we're busy figuring out third grade math and maintaining Taco Tuesdays.

Every single client is unique and getting to know them is the best part of this journey. Individuality speaks to us; it drives our passion. It opens our eyes and we see things as though we're experiencing them for the first time along with the couple.

We crave simple pleasures like a great cup of coffee and wandering aimlessly through Target aisles. Recently, Netflix has suddenly crept into our lives though we browse more and watch very little. We're happiest while sharing experiences with others we are lucky enough to meet and with whom we forge a connection. Life is extraordinary.